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GPS Unit : GPS auto receive (date, time, current position, and route)
Google earth(You can confirm the running/walking route via google earth)
Lap time(100 laps)/ Speed per hour/ Distance (Odometer)/ Calorie counter/ Exercise time/ Average pace
Night Mode/ EL backlight/ Dual time/ Chronograph/ Alarm
Water resistant depth : 30 Meters

Operating time:(GPS ON :About 8 hours)/ (OFF :About 1 year)

PC connection
※Supported OS
Windows 7
Windows XP SP 1, 2, 3
Windows Vista SP 1, 2
Windows 2000 SP 4
Windows 98

Case size : about 43x43x15.5mm
Band length : max 210mm
Band width : about 21mm
Weight about : 54g

Belt : Polyurethane
Case : Polycarbonate
Case Back : Polycarbonate

Watch box
Instruction Manual(English)
USB cable

Highly accurate GPS watch

GPS and Google Earth together tell you where you are. Watch can capture GPS within 5 minutes. Connecting GPS watch to your PC, you can confirm the running/walking route. With your PC, you can check these data; speed, distance, calorie consumption and etc.. Thanks to Auto Lap, it's sutable for gps running, walking, calorie management, training. There are 2 patterns of map; Google Earth and Google Map.

GPS MASTER 2 Running lad016bk

GPS(Global Positioning System) is the position measuring system utilizing satellites used for car navigation system. This watch receives the radio wave emitted from 24 satellites which flies at a height of 21,000 km and is managed by United States Department of Defense. And it can measure your position (Longitude, Latitude, Altitude) wherever you are.

These days, GPS is equipped to cell phone, laptop, security system, so they have been used for various purposes.

GPS Master 2  lad016bk

Data management with your PC

You can grasp how you move.

By connecting to PC, you can confirm your route recorded in GPS masterⅡ. It can show 2 patterns of map; Google map and Google earth. It is convenient for your daily exercise or training, as you can easily grasp how you move and your moving distance.


Show various data on PC

By connecting to PC, you can see and record the distance, speed, or calorie consumption archived in the watch. You can find the transition of your training with weekly and monthly data.


Also with PC, you can see your route and distance visually. That's very convenient for your daily exercise or training!


Record 100 lap times in watch

 This watch can record up to 100 lap times So it is recommended for those who want to run heavily.


What is lap time?

Lap time is the section time such as 1 track or 1 km. You can improve running skills if you check lap time carefully.


In short... control your pace!
To run smoothly, it is important to run at regular pace. For example, if you feel good running 1 km in 6 seconds, it is better to keep that pace.

Measuring speed and distance

You can find speed or distance easily. So it is convenient for confirming your exercise stress and deciding training target. For example, jogging is the exercise it which you can talk as running. And running speed is about 8.5 km/h. This watch helps those who want to keep their pace.


Show calorie consumption!

When you are taking exercise for losing weight, how many calories you are consuming...?
This watch answers this question easily. For examplee, if your have a additional 300 kcal food, it is good idea to get exercise until you consume that.


Show the training time!

When you start RUN mode, stopwatch begins running. And you can measure your training time. For example, in case you take exercise in the morning and afternoon, it is possible to add up those records. It is also OK to archive those records separately.


Show your pace!

"A race with a fixed speed! means the training for improving the endurance or getting the skill to maintain the same pace. In that training, you have to decide distance and pace at first.

It is said that beginners are recommended to become able to run short distance at regular pace and time.


Usually, you can find your pace by calculating...

running time (minutes) / distance (km) = average running time / 1 km

However, this watch shows real-time pace on display, so you can get your pace without calculating it.

Equipped with "Night Mode"

 The display shines, as pushing button. So you can use it in the dark.
Also it is equipped with "Night Mode". The display shines during the time you set.

GPS Master 2  lad016bk

Convenient Functions

Time zone : By setting time zone, this watch automatically get the time there through GPS.
Dual time : It is convenient when you are traveling or on business trip.
Alarm : Alarm function is convenient for informing time tor getting up.
Chronograph : Equipped with chronograph(Stop watch).

GPS Master 2  lad016bk

Selected material and design

Poly urethane has resistance to sweat. Case and back cover use poly carbonate which is tough.

It has breathable and sporty design. So it is good for sports.

GPS Master 2  lad016bk


How to use

Instruction Manual for GPS MASTERII (LAD016)