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-Analog GPS Watch-

・Quartz movement
・GPS time adjustment
・Screw down caseback
・100 meters waterproof
・Luminous painted hands

・GPS reception (Automatic: once in a week / Manual)
・Flight mode (Stop Automatic GPS reception)
・Timezone (30 zones all over the world)

・Case diameter・・・45 mm
・Case thickness・・・14.5 mm
・Strap (Metal)・・・Min: 15 cm - Max: 21 cm
・Strap (Leather)・・・Min: 16 cm - Max: 20 cm
*These are approxmate value.

with Metal strap・・・170 g
with Leather strap・・・90 g

Instruction manual


Time adjustment, everywhere in the world

The latest model of GPS watch outstands in formal scene!

GPS MASTER 3 lad022

Time signal coming from the sky

Watch is evolved with GPS system. It was what tells time only. Now it's transmitting with the sky. Please experience this latest technology.


GPS watch with a new type

GPS, Global Positioning System is a navigation satellite system all over the Earth. It tells your current location wherever you are on earth.

Each GPS satellite has atomic clock. Its error is less than 1 micro second.

GPS provides geolocation and time information in all weather, as long as receiver can receive signals from more than 4 satellites.


Although it's using GPS, the newest technology, it cuts every unnecessary things off. It's simple and wearing-well looking. Because it has plain and quiet layout, you can wear it for both work and daily living.

GPS MASTER3 lad022

How this watch works

GPS (Automatic)

This watch attempts GPS reception once in 7 days. You don't need to adjust time manually. Without any complicated handling, it keeps precise time.

GPS reception starts automatically without any buttons. You always can check previous reception is succeeded or not. In case reception was not done for a long time, you can easily notice it.

'OK' on this picture indicates reception is succeeded.

GPS MASTER3 lad022

GPS (Manual)

You can start manual reception any time. You only need to hold one button to start. If you choose geological reception, time zone will also be adjusted automatically. You can soon adjust your watch at the airport.

While receiving, second hand indicates 'RX'. Reception will be done soon. It sometimes takes only a few seconds, and it will be no longer than 90 seconds. Stress-free to adjust the time.

GPS MASTER3 lad022


It shows the latitude of the last reception. For travel memory? While a drifting on the open sea? You can use it on various situations.

20 - 80 on the dial shows latitude. This watch shows the latitude where it succeeded reception last. When California, it's around 35 degree.

GPS MASTER3 lad022

Various Functions


For business person who goes around the world, date function is a must. Second hand moves and shows the date, with only one button. Usual watch needs to be adjusted at the end of month, this watch will automatically adjust it as well. Second hand shows the date, only with one button. This photo shows the 9th for example.

GPS MASTER3 lad022


There's 2 ways to set timezone - Automatic by GPS, or manual set up. You can choose foreign country to know world time. In total of 30 timezones are applicable.

City codes are listed on the outer ring. You can check current setup with only one button. 'TYO' for example means Tokyo, Japan.

GPS MASTER3 lad022

Flight mode

Flight mode can stop GPS function. This will help to wear it in airplane or other place inappropriate to transmit radio waves. You can wear it to anywhere, at anytime.

There's Flight mode icon at the edge. While in flight mode, it will never attempt GPS reception.

GPS MASTER3 lad022


100 meters waterproof will protect the watch from water in daily life; such as hand wash, sudden rain. Business, outdoor, and so on. This watch will be particular in every situation of life.

GPS MASTER3 lad022 

Color Variation

GPS MASTER3 lad022

How to use

Instruction Manual for GPS MASTER III (LAD022)