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■Swiss Sensor
■Weather Forecast(Sunny/ Cloudy with sun/ Cloudy/ Raining)
-Altitude graph (automatically records on the hour)
-Meter(m) or feet(ft)
-4 kinds of adjustment methods : Zero Altitude, Absolute Altitude, Sea Level Pressure, and Factory Default Adjustment
-Sea level Pressure graph (automatically records on the hour)
-mb/hPa or inHg
-2 kinds of adjustment methods : Absolute Pressure and Factory Default Adjustment
■Digital Compass
-Backward Bearing
-Compass Lock
-Magnetic Declination
■Pacer Mode
-for 8 hours(When the pacer has been running continuously for 8 hours, it will stop automatically.)
-Step Counter : maximum counting limit (99999steps)
- 30 BPM to 180 BPM
-Link with Chronograph
-Celsius(℃) or degree Fahrenheit(℉)
-measure elapsed time
-measure Lap Time (Up to 100 laps)
-Range : 99 houres 59 minutes 59.99 seconds
-Countdown Timer
-Range : 99 houres 59 minutes 59.99 seconds
-The Quick Set Value (This is a set of values preset in the watch for using the timer more easily.) (1, 3, 5, 10, 15, and 45 minutes)
-The User Preset Value (This is a value which can be set by the user.)
-Timer Sounds (Sounds for 30 seconds when counting to zero)
■Daily Alarm (Daily Alarm 1 and 2 are working independently)
■Day and date calendar
■Contrast (Increase/ decrease the contrast level from 1 to 10)
■Power Saving Mode
■Dual Time Mode
■Electro Luminescence Backlight

Case diameter: 48 mm / thickness: 13 mm
Band length: 110-200 mm / width: 22 mm
Weight: 58 g

Case: ABS plastic / Stainless steel
Band: Polyurethane
Clasp: Buckle

Original box
Instruction manual (English)

Digital Multifunction sports Watch for athletic and multi-sport


Weather Master is full of functions to keep you fully updated on where you're going and the weather, whenever you are climbing, fishing or just enjoying the great outdoors. 

Features and modes include altimeter, barometer and advanced digital compass, weather forecast, dual-time, as well as EL backlight, temperature, chronograph, stopwatch and alarm.


Weather Forecast and Thermometer

Weather Forecast feature is based on changes in atmospheric pressure, and shows the coming weather ( 4 different symbols : Sunny, Cloudy with Sun, Cloudy , Raining).

The symbols will be shown in Current Time and Dual Time Modes.

When the pressure is rising, the weather is likely to improve; when it's falling, there's usually worse weather ahead. 


Temperature measurements are affected by your body temperature, sunlight, and moisture.
To achieve an accurate reading of air temperature, remove the watch from the wrist, avoid direct sunlight, and wipe all moisture.

The display can be converted from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Temperature ranges are from -10 to 60 degrees C (14 to 140 Degrees F).


The best partner for your outdoor activities

 <img src="//" alt="WEATHER MASTER LAD002BKOR" />

<img src="//" alt="WEATHER MASTER LAD002BKOR" />

For Enjoying the great outdoors

 Take readings to check the outdoor conditions and determine better course with features and modes include temperature, barometer, altimeter, weather prediction, dual-time function, chronograph, alarm and more. 

This digital multifunction watch will be the best partner for your outdoor activities.
Run, climb, exercise and enjoy the great outdoors like never before.


Color Variation

 Weather Master lad002


How to use

Instruction Manual for Weather Master (LAD002)