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3D Pedometer walking digital watch

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3D Pedometer (Step counter with three-dimensional sensor)
Calorie Counter
Running speed display
Achievement rate display
Exercise time display
Confirmation of 1 week data
Personal data record
12/24-hour display switching

Display type: Digital
Waterproof: 30 meters water resistant
Clasp: Buckle

Case: ABS
Belt: Polyurethane

Dial diameter: 40mm (Display diameter: 27.5mm)
Case thickness: 12mm
Band length: up to 21cm
Band width: 22mm
Weight: 48g

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Instruction Manual

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Start to walk for managing your health with PEDOMETER MASTER II !


This digital pedometer displays walking steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, total exercise time, and 7 days memory storage, among many other useful features.

To keep your health and reduce chronic disease risk, we recommend you to take 10,000 steps a day. 

For an effective weight loss, the total steps should be between 12,000 and 15,000. If you want to achieve a higher fitness level, you are suggested to take at least 30,000 steps per day.

What is three dimensions' Pedometer?

3D(dimensions) Sensor made it possible to detect all movements, up and down, left and right, back and forth. So it count accurately while you are wearing.

What is more, it prevent from counting when the movement is not given by walking or running.

You can either wear it, or put it into your bag to count your steps!

How to Calculate your stride length

To properly calculate your stride length, measure a predetermined distance in feet.
Correct stride distance is defined as a tip of your foot to another one. To measure the correct average stride distance, divide the total distance of 10 steps you walked / run by the number of step(10). Calculate the stride distance in the following way: You walk 6.2 meters, 6.2m (total distance) / 10(number of steps)= 0.62m(62cm)

NOTE: Unlike the conventional pedometer, this pedometer uses an advanced sensor that can detect fine step movement without a moving-mechanical sensor. Therefore there will be no detectable rattle sound created.

This futuristic and technologically advanced wrist watch will act as your very own data center.

Take your personal fitness to the next level and use some mode like ‘Pedometer Mode' and break your personal best times while running or walking.

How to use

Instruction Manual for PEDOMETER MASTER II (LAD011)

Video descriptions

Basic Operations
Basic Screen Introduction
Method for Setting Time, Display, etc..

How to use Pedometer Mode
Setting method for Pedometer Mode

Various data
Data Recall Mode Screen Confirmation Method

How to Use Stopwatch

Power Save Mode
Power Save Mode