GPS Navigation Digital multi-function Watch

GPS Navigation Digital multi-function Watch

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There are 2 colors for this product.
This page is for black (Negative display). (Other colors are sold on other pages.)

-GPS (Automatic) : This watch is synchronize its clock with the satellite's atomic clock automatically. You don't need to bother to adjust the watch. The time is always accurate.
-Auto Time Zone (It tries to set your current time zone according to the longitude.)
■Workout functions
-Mode (running, Biking, Hiking, Sailing) (They have different methods for speed, distance calculations.)
-measure Lap Time (Up to 99 laps)
-Range : 99 hours 59 minutes 59.99 seconds
- Altitude, Calories, Latitude/ Longitude, Heart Rate(Max, Min Average, Current), Distance, Lap (Distance, Number, Time), Pace (Average, Maximum, Current)/ Speed(Average, Maximum, Current), Workout Time, Time of Day
■Heart Rate Monitor
-Target Heart Rate Zone (If you are not working in the target zone, alert beeps will sound.)
-Heart rate data is stored via Chest strap
■Navigation functions
-Navigation Mode (You can navigate up or down a route until the first or last waypoint has been reached.)
-Keep 10 paths(routes) (Each path has a maximum of 99 waypoints)
- 3 Navigation Modes (Waypoint, Forward, and Backward Mode)
-TrackLog Interval : This watch records your track continuously. It can be set from 1 second to 10 minutes.
-Heading Pointer : The pointer always points to the active waypoint when everything it properly set.
■PC Connection Function
-synchronize data between the watch and the PC (Workout data will be shown on the PC screen)
-Google earth (Root confirmation)
-OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 /CD-ROM drive: USB port required
-Recommended PC environment(CPU: Pentium2 300MHz or more/ Main Memory: 64MB or more/ Free HDD: 20GB or more/ Monitor resolution: 256 colors or more)
■Digital compass
-Magnetic Declination
■100 meters waterproof
■Countdown timer
-Range : 99 hours 59 minutes 59.99 seconds
-Timer Sounds (Beep sounds will be heard in the last 10 seconds. Long beep will be heard once reaching 0:00:00; press any key to stop the beep.)
■Alarm (Select 1 - 5 Alarms)
■Calendar function: date, day of the week
■Contrast : Select from level 3 Lighter to 16 Darker
■Luminous index

Case diameter, width: 47mm / Thickness: 20mm
Band length: about 140`200mm / width: 21mm
Weight: about 62g

・Band: Polyurethane
・Case: ABS plastic / Stainless steel
・Mineral Glass lens

・Watch box
・Instruction Manual(English)
・USB cable/ Heart rate Chest strap/ Clearning brush

Color : 
gps auto time zone navigation gps running auto time zone

GPS Master always navigates you wherever you go on earth!

 GPS Master lad006

GPS: Global Positioning System (GPS) is a network of orbiting satellites. Once your watch receives signal from these satellites, your position can be triangulated. The more satellites picked up can result in more accurate positional data.

GPS Master determine altitude based on GPS system, while many watches use air pressure function, so the data from this watch is more reliable as altimeter!

The GPS Master will serve you well for navigation and tracking. You can import routes and points of interest via PC and the watch will provide your direction.

This watch can keep 10 paths and 99 way points simultaneously.

gps master lad006bk1

All your moves will be saved and detailed analytics can be shown to you through PC. The watch is also suitable for other sports like running, swimming and even triathlon race.

Workout data, such as altitude, speed, heart rate, pace and distance etc. will be shown on a PC graphically.

gps master lad006bk1

Navigate and track via advanced GPS functions

Navigation Function

When everything is properly set, the pointer always points to the active way point.

Your current speed and distance to the active way point are shown at the top right of Navigation screen. When you are approaching to the way point region of the active way point within the preset radius, 3 beep tones will be heard.

GPS Master lad006

Workout Mode

You can keep records of and review your performance while you are running or navigating. The workout mode shows speed, distance traveled, workout time from the start, heart rate and other useful data regarding your current workout.

It keeps records of speed, heart rate and altitude for you to view on a PC graphically.

GPS Master lad006

For Enjoying the great outdoors

GPS Master lad006

Take readings to check the outdoor conditions and determine better course with features and modes include altimeter, digital compass, navigation and more.

GPS Master lad006

GPS Master lad006

This digital multi-function watch will be the best partner for your outdoor activities.
Run, climb, exercise and enjoy the great outdoors like never before.

GPS Master lad006

The design of the watch is incredible: You can also wear it to business meetings.


GPS Master lad006

How to Use

Instruction Manual for GPS Master (LAD006)